The In-Crowd Zoom Meeting

Opening remarks:  Dr. J.R, Thicklin

Welcome:  Steve

Introducing BUILDING BRIDGES-Creating meaningful trusting partnerships between neighbors in well-served and underserved communities in PBC.

Introduced by Joan Katz and Steve.

Everything you need to know about Fund Raising for your organization.  Introducing for next week’s LEADERSHIP EMPOWERMENT SERIES: Carrie Howell

The Blue Wave: Tim Greer introduces this socially conscious new Partner.

Kindred Spirit Spirit from Wisconsin: Pat Katisch introduces a sibling from Wisconsin.

The Anti-Hate Vigil: Brother Junaid reports on highly successful lived event.

Mentoring upcoming Leaders: Rev. Thicklin with William, Greer, Brice.

Media: Captain Justice

The event is finished.


Apr 13 2021


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm